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Hi everybody,

This is Virmode’s the first blog post. We want to write something useful content. We realized that our users will need 3D objects. That’s why we collected well known 3D marketplaces for you. If you know more than these websites or teams, dont forget to add them in comments.

The best compatible 3D models for your Virmode lecture

I like the CGaxis team, they are so good at it.

There are so many technical 3D models

There are so many 3D models

Miscellaneous models can be found here

A little bit technical models

A little bit expensive

If you look for free models and can edit models, this is for you.

Generally one piece, simple models. But also great textures for your 3D models


If you know Sketchup modelling program, you must check this site.

Generally one piece, simple models

Generally one piece, simple models.


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