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From initial analysis to experience and adoption, Virmode guides you on every step of the journey.

Having virtual reality training systems can be costly, risky, and time-consuming. With so many variables to consider and navigate, we understand how difficult it can be to create scalable VR training.

We understand these dynamics at Virmode, which is why we implemented the Scrum method to ensure everything runs smoothly. We have a flexible process for converting your existing training system into a VR experience without wasting your time, money, or resources. We do the heavy lifting upfront, so you don’t have to.



We provide clients with an outline plan for creating successful VR training using our process, ensuring that everybody is on the same page and reducing expensive and confusing mistakes along the way.

You will monitor and test each part every two weeks before the rollout is completed. This gives you the power to easily notify our team of any modifications that are needed, and ensures that the final deliverable is on schedule and meets the requirements.

1 - Analyzing The Requirements

Analyzing the needs correctly is also one of the most important factors that prevent waste of resources. In this step, we discuss the usage areas, the target audience, the ultimate goal, and the methods to be used. 


Thanks to our experience, we ensure that the goal is set out very clearly by asking the right questions.

2 - Strategy & Planning

It’s a common mistake that making strategy per product or project. Strategy means, actually, defining long-term goals to get reached. VR Training is not a strategic goal for non-VR companies, it is an action item that serves the plan.


So, it has to be handled conceptually and planned as a long-term investment. That requires know-how and experience.

3 - Learning objectives

The objectives are the core of a training program. Defining the targets clearly prevents the waste of resources. Otherwise, the requests of relating departments are endless. And, such requests increase the time and budget needs.


Our experts help you how to develop the skills of the employees by using virtual reality.

4 - Flow outline

Then, we create a flow document and conceptual drawings. This covers every aspect of your virtual reality experience, from the hardware to the voice-over copy for the program. This schedule is submitted to your SME after completion to ensure consistency, saving you from future problems or mistakes.


Following an SME’s approval of your flow, you’ll be able to see your VR experience in action.

5 - Experience building

Designing a virtual reality experience is a specialty in itself. It’s more than just designing the look and style of the interface. After the environment design is completed, the experience is builded in accordance with the target audience. The first question at this step is whether the target audience is a closed group or unsettled users.


After planning an experince that will not distract the focus of the users, it is integrated with the interaction system, which is the technical development phase.

6 - Rollout & Adaptation

You’ll get a working prototype of your VR experience four to six weeks after the flow doc has been approved. You will have a chance to try every phase of the product. At the final phase, you can test the product with a control group and start to rollout.


For VR training applications the adaptation process is different than the rollout. At some point a change request may occur according to feedbacks. At this period of adaptation, Virmode will be with you.

7 - Performance analysis

For such programs, monitoring the performance after implementation is important. Users may fail to notice performance changes. We guarantee that the real performance will meet the desired performance.

our customer relations philosophy

We give special attention to our customers, including on-demand, remote, or in-person assistance to ensure that and training pilot is set up correctly. This alleviates the stress of program setup, allows for more predictable training outcomes, and facilitates scaling to all employees and locations.

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