Most frequent questions and answers

There are 3 main concepts are being used for VR Trainings.

  1. Using equirectangular photos, in other words, panoramic 360 photos, is an old methodology for training. In this technique, trainees see the environment and choose what to do.
  2. Using 360 Video is also being outdated, day-by-day. There are 2 sub-techniques:
    1. Record the VR in a green box and then montage it into any environment. 
    2. Record everything as a 360-degree video. It’s a one-shot operation. Editing or customizing such a video is a tough way.
  3. Using computer-generated graphics is the cutting edge method because this is the best way for changing the content progressively. For some circumstances, there are 3 ways.
    1. Converting an existing 3D model.
    2. Applying re-topology techniques on the existing 3D models.
    3. Modeling the 3D graphics from scratch.
Immersive learning use, commonly, 360-degree videos. Also, its teaching technique is based on multiple-choice questionnaires.  There is no allowed infinite possibility because the trainee has to follow a pre-defined route.

But we design VR Trainings to teach learning objectives. In training, what a trainees’ do is always different from another. If the trainee doesn’t restricted in pre-defined choices, he/she reveals his/her capability.

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