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We worked together with both big and small companies in a wide variety of industries. We worked on projects helping to grow a small business through VR or to show a large industrial corporation how to integrate VR projects into their processes.

The tools for training, marketing, communication, etc. have been transforming for years. Virtual reality increases the impact and retention while decreasing the cost of ownership and operation. But to figure out how to have a VR application may not be well-known in companies. But VR is an in-demand technology because of its WOW EFFECT. Virmode provides support for every phase of a VR project in such cases.

The secret of a successful VR project is hidden in the capabilities of VR and knowledge of how to use the interaction system to achieve the objectives. The last article is the hardware. The most expensive headsets may not be the best choice for your project.

Business Requirement Document (BRD)

If the project teams have not sufficient know-how about your VR project, making mistakes will be inevitable. One of the most common mistakes done by business analysts is using improper language in requirements. This means the technical terms in the requirement document may be wrong. A BRD document, of course, should focus on “whats” instead of “hows”. But missing how’s determine the price and quality of procurement. For example, an immersive learning application can be done with 8K video or 720p photo. Besides, technical “hows” should match up with “whats”.

Moreover, the acceptance criteria of a project should be measurable and tangible. Validation and user acceptance need know-how. All of them needs to be discussed at strategy and planning phase of a high-tech project.


Execution starts from the implementation and continues from change management. Analytics and predictions based on analytics are the key works in the execution phase. Knowing which type of data can be collected and could be useful needs proven experience. For example, scaling a marketing application, or post-training assessments of a training software, or planning the next version of a finished project.

Business Development

In order to use VR as a business development tool, it is necessary to know the technical opportunities what VR offers. For example, a heat map can be used to identify where users are looking the most. This data will guide you to the areas you should focus on and the points you can ignore. Or, target users can be profiled based on their behaviors in VR.


You may need;

  • platform software for your company, or
  • a simulation software, or
  • the digital twin of a facility, or
  • interactive product guide, or
  • turnkey in-plant tour software, or
  • something else.

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