The training was transforming with VR and we made it as collaboration tool.

Founder & CEO
M. Esad Aköz


Co-Founder & CTO
Numan Doğruay


 Virtual reality is not just a visualization technology but also a new way of experience. It was possible that socialization, communication and gaining experience with a new digital world. The training was transforming but something was missing. A new infrastructure was needed to use VR multiplayer.

 Virmode Software was established in 2017 with the mission of “Gaining its users benefits and changes, through interactive experiences”. A solution was developed that enables physically disabled students -in which are mentally healthy- to participate in the lesson by experiencing the classroom environment and to socialize with their peers.

 We developed a multiplayer server program that can be self-hosted (on-premise) which supports VR and hand tracking. Users connect to a virtual scene online to gain procedural knowledge, value or alteration individually or as a team.

 We give support to clients at the stage of process analyzing and designing learning objectives. We prepare scenarios according to company needs and requirements. We enable trainees to experience a task-based training program in virtual environment. Customer can analyze frequently repeating mistakes and save money with the help of our software.

 We have developed, also, a scaled experiential marketing VR application as a virtual showroom. Companies can increase the attraction of customers and detect the focus of users thanks to the application.

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